Mental Health

At Connect exercise physiology we have extensive experience in working with people living with a mental health condition. Our team is trained to understand the potential barriers that may arise when trying to engage in exercise and we aim to give you the tools to overcome these barriers and benefit from exercise and movement. All of our exercise physiologists are mental health first aiders.

Exercise has many benefits in improving mental health-based symptoms, including:  

– Improved mood
– Improved anxiety
– Improved confidence and self esteem
– Improved sleep
– Improved social connection
– Healthier relationship with exercise 

Evidence suggests that our mental health can impact pur physical health due to its impact on lifestyle factors such as activity levels, nutrition and sleep. An exercise program and lifestyle support from your exercise physiologist can also help with:

– Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and weight gain.
– Improve cardiovascular fitness.
– Improved functional strength.
– Improved energy levels.
– Improved flexibility. 

We utilise a graded approach to help you increase your physical activity levels and provide education to help improve your knowledge of the benefits of exercise for mental wellbeing.

Leaders on the Sunshine Coast in exercise care for
Mental health and Psychosocial recovery

Eating disorder recovery

We provide support for exercise and movement to people living with and recovering from eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. This includes safely returning to exercise or sport, support to decrease movement, and education around intuitive movement to assist with compulsive or excessive exercise.

Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Our exercise physiologists are able to provide support for exercise for people living with PTSD. This includes designing a program tailored to your individual needs and help to decrease PTSD symptoms along with advice and support to overcome barriers that may be holding you back from exercise.


Exercise has been found to be just as effective for mild-moderate levels of depression as medication with no negative side effects. We can help you understand the benefits of exercise for depression and to establish an exercise program with ongoing support and options to assist with motivation and management of your health.


We can help you understand the benefits of exercise and lifestyle strategies for Anxiety and to establish an exercise program that helps to overcome barriers associated with anxiety symptoms. We provide support and options to assist with maintaining your exercise program and management of your health.

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