Mental Health

Connect exercise physiology specialises in exercise programs for people living with a mental health condition. Our team is trained to understand the potential barriers that may arise when trying to engage in exercise and strategies to assist you when symptoms are high.

We utilise a graded approach to help you increase your physical activity levels and provide education to help improve your knowledge of the benefits of exercise for mental wellbeing. We operate out of a small boutique gym that provides a comfortable environment to begin exercise without the hustle and bustle of larger commercial gyms.

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Body Confidence Program

This is not your standard weight management program. We believe that weight does not define a person but understand that you want to feel confident in your body and what your body is capable of. That’s why we have created the ‘body confidence program.’ Aimed at improving your fitness, strength, and health, and assisting you to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight. This program uses empowered education, exercise programming and practical strategies to help you feel confident in your body!

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Age Well Program

Our exercise physiology services are perfect for older adults who wish to keep active and maintain their strength, fitness and confidence.  We strongly believe that exercise can have a big impact on the quality of life and independance for older australians.

We offer individual consultations to assist with an exercise program for the gym or at home so that you can exercise when you like. We also offer seniors exercise classes twice weekly which are a great way to receive support, engage socially and complete your exercise. These classes are a great adjunct to our falls prevention program or osteoporosis program for those that wish to join in group exercise.

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Class details: (45 minute group class).

Tuesday 8am

Wednesday 8am

Thursday 8am

Falls Prevention Program

This program is designed specifically for people who are at risk of falls due to poor balance and muscle deconditioning. Our falls prevention program is based on the evidence based Otago exercise program that is found to reduce falls rates by up to 32% (1).

The program focuses on exercise prescription including leg strengthening, balance based exercise and a suitable walking program. Empowering education to increase knowledge of safe exercise and the benefits of exercise for falls prevention is an essential component of the program.

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  1. Evidence for the prevention of falls (Otago Exercise programme).
Osteoporosis / Osteopenia Program

Osteoporosis is defined as ‘a skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone density predisposing a person to an increased risk of fracture’ (1). Osteoporotic fracture can occur at almost any skeletal site and more than 95% of hip fractures occur as a consequence of a fall (1).

Exercise is widely recognized as having significant benefits for the development and maintenance of bone density throughout life and can play a vital role in improving balance and reducing the risk of falls.

At Connect Exercise Physiology we are able to tailor an exercise program and provide you with education on safe and effective exercise for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Our program focuses on current research and aims to increase your ability to engage in regular weight bearing exercise, balance exercise and suitable impact based exercise to improve your bone density and prevent risk of falling.

This program includes an initial assessment to identify your goals, an exercise program with ongoing monitoring and progression, as well as support and education specific to osteoporosis.

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(1) Beck BR, et al. Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) position statement on exercise prescription for the prevention and management of osteoporosis. J Sci Med Sport (2016), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jsams.2016.10.001

Strength and Conditioning Program

Connect Exercise Physiologists can prescribe and deliver a strength and conditioning program designed for sport performance or your specific goals. Our programs are tailored to you and encompass all aspects of training to improve your physical capacity and ability to perform at your best.  See below for some examples of how a strength and conditioning program can help:

  • Return to sport after time away from the game.
  • Sport specific training for improved performance.
  • Increased strength and fitness to handle the demands of travel and allow you to experience as much as possible with confidence.
  • Increasing functional capacity for a new work role that is physically demanding.

There are many goals that a strength and conditioning program can be beneficial for and we would love to help you achieve them!

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